Cashel Crusader Standard Mule Donkey Fly Mask with Ears

The three-hole cap makes the Cashel Crusader Fly mask for mules so effective, it's patented. This model shields the entire face and both ears from annoying flies, gnats and biting insects, whether the mule is stalled or out in the pasture. Features: Comfortable, secure fit hook and loop tape closure (single strap) Protects soft tissues of the eyes and forehead Blocks 70% of damaging UV rays Eliminates forelock damage Soft coated nylon micro-mesh construction. Item Specifications: Sizes: Arabian (Small or 800 lbs - 1,000 lbs), Horse (Average 1,000 lbs - 1,200 lbs), or Warmblood (Large or 1,200 lbs - 1,300 lbs) Color: Gray
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